Successful Charter Argument Leads to Acquittal on All PPT Charges

The Nanaimo RCMP Projects unit launched a covert investigation into three individuals believed to be selling drugs out of a local house. After numerous days of surveillance, police created an operational plan to arrest a potential buyer, enter the suspected drug house, and arrest all occupants of that house. At trial, Waugh & Associates successfully challenged the police’s exigent entry and search of the home, which occurred without a search warrant. Waugh & Associates also successfully argued that the client’s right to counsel without delay was breached when the police prioritized other investigational steps, along with the detachment booking process, over facilitating the client’s call to counsel. Ultimately, the Judge excluded all evidence against our client, and our client was acquitted.

2017 BCSC 1989

Outcome: Client Acquitted. No Criminal Record.