What Is the Penalty If I Plead Guilty or I Am Found Guilty of Driving While Prohibited?

What a Driving While Prohibited conviction will cost you:

  • If you are prohibited from driving because of a 24-hour roadside suspension, 90-day IRP, or by the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles on the basis of your driving record, you must not drive under any circumstances. If you are caught driving while prohibited, you will face serious consequences if convicted.
  • Under the Motor Vehicle Act, there is a mandatory minimum penalty for a first offence: $500 fine plus victim fine surcharge and an additional 1-year driving prohibition starting from the date you are sentenced in court.

For subsequent offences, if the Crown gives notice, the court may impose a mandatory 14 days jail in addition to a fine and driving prohibition.

  • In addition to any court-imposed penalty, if you are convicted of driving while prohibited, you will receive 10 points against your license and ICBC will assess either a Driver’s Risk Premium or a Driver Penalty Point Premium. The amount of this premium will depend on a number of factors including your previous driving record and how many other points you have against your license.
  • When you are prohibited from driving, there are NO exceptions. You can not drive to and from work or use your vehicle to pick up your children from school. Driving is prohibited.

If you are charged with driving while prohibited, you should seek advice from a lawyer immediately. Depending on the circumstances of your case and your driving record, Waugh & Associates may be able to negotiate a plea to a lesser included offence. Waugh & Associates has a proven track record of resolving driving while prohibited charges for pleas and driving without a driver’s license. In those cases, clients are not faced with a court-imposed driving prohibition and are only subject to a nominal fine.

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Note: This is not legal advice, and you should not rely on it as such. To ensure your interests are protected, seek formal advice from a lawyer.